Tips for selecting the Best Bedding


When you think of your ultimate comfort zone, you think of that warm, cozy bed that you can’t wait to slip into each night. If you’ve invested in a top quality mattress set, you might think you’re taking a shortcut to Sleepville, but note this: 1. You might actually be taking the long winding road and 2. You don’t need the best mattress to get there! The key to a proper good night’s rest is having the right bedding! Here are a few interesting tips and ideas:

1. Fabric:

Bedding can be of various materials like cotton, silk, polyester, and velvet. The most important factor in cotton sheeting is the thread count; the higher the count the softer your sheets are. Low thread count results in stiff bedding that can feel like your sleeping on cardboard, even if you have a plush topped high end mattress. Polyester sheets tend to have a more plastic feel and might result in excessive sweating. If you prefer a chic or stylish look to your bedroom, then silk fabric is the best choice. Velvet and suede fabrics are other options that can add a touch of glamour to your bedroom. By far, high thread count cotton bedding is the best option for a cool, cozy, and comfortable sleep!







2. Color:

Bedding can either be solid colored or patterned ones. If you go for that trendy hotel style look, then solid color sheets would be the right option. You can also add some design by selecting a main color and complement it by using lighter shades of the same color for the pillow cases, for example. Patterned bedding, on the other hand, can be used if you want to incorporate accent colors from your bedroom i.e. if you have a wall painting with blue as the main theme, then you can introduce bedding with blue flowers or geometric patterns. You can also liven up a drab colored room by adding colorful designed bedding.




3. Texture:

If you are going for solid color like white or beige, select fabric with some texture like ruching or pin tucks. This makes the fabric look more interesting and less dull. Also if selecting flannel or bedcovers, remember to buy preshrunk fabric since they might shrink after the first wash.








4. Size:color-pic-courtesy-aliexpress

The size of bedding selected depends on the size of the mattress. Mattresses comes in 6 sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, King, Twin Long, and California King. Before shopping for new bedding make sure to measure the width, length, and depth of your mattress. Most bedding sites offer measurements for each size.







5. Length and Width of sheets:

If you are buying a thicker mattress, it is advisable to opt for deep fitting sheets that fit the entire thickness of the mattress. If your sheets are not deep enough, mattress suspenders can be used to keep them in place.

6. Weather:

Last but not the least, weather conditions for your area should also be taken into consideration before purchasing the bedding. Natural materials like cotton and linen are breathable and provides a cool feel. These fabrics, especially high thread count ones, are the ideal choice for summer season. Wool or synthetic material that do not allow ventilation would be more suitable for a cold winter season.
A good set of bedding can last years and offer endless hours of luxurious sleep. Many companies, such as Marc Tash Interiors, offer custom bedding to suit your design, comfort, and budget. Contact them at [email protected] for a free quote.