8 Color trends that will transform your home’s interior in 2017

2016 was a fun year for experimenting with colors. But with only 1+ months to the end of 2016, you must be wondering which colors will define interior décor in 2017. It is generally expected that some color trends will endure but there’ll still be space for new color combinations.
Here’s a look at the color trends expected for 2017 and what they mean for your lifestyle, preferences and your plans for decorating.


native combinations
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Native color combinations

One approach when decorating is to use a single color or pattern. But in 2017, a new trend that combines hues and patterns from dissimilar cultures, is expected to dominate. So, for instance, instead of going for a purely Moroccan theme, how about you combine a Turkish rug with Moroccan inspired upholstery, Asian-inspired draperies and African inspired art?
Color combinations that contain copper, gold, greens and blue tones will especially achieve dramatic effect.




floral pattern curtains
Image from deardesigner.co.uk
Floral patterns

Experts also expect that more people will tend towards floral patterns such as red Dahlia, lavender, chrysanthemums that will introduce dramatic color combinations of pinks, reds, violet and white.
This is a great theme for the warm and sunny months of the year.






acquired taste
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Acquired taste

The warm tones of 2017 dubbed ‘acquired taste’ by Pantone, include colors ranging between Orange and red. To round out the whole effect, color accents such as gold can be used either in the upholstery, trimmings, artifacts and other objects.
While most of these combinations are unusual, they work well together if you find the right way to combine them.





Image from pinterest.com
Image from pinterest.com
Light and serene colors

These are definitely the colors you want to use in that one room that you escape to when you want to just day dream, forget about all the ‘heavy stuff’ in your life and have only pleasant thoughts. Colors such as rose quartz, yellow iris, Nile green and blue glow will light up a room and make it an ideal environment to just day dream.







Image from pinterest.com/source/sarah-sue.com
Image from pinterest.com/source/sarah-sue.com
Japanese inspired forest themes

If you want to connect with nature, your choice of colors should be inspired by ‘Shinrin-Yoku’, which means to connect with nature in Japanese. Think of talking a walk on a forest floor covered in fallen leaves.
The dominant colors and accents in this theme green-blue hues, contrasted with colors such as plum, yellow/gold and grape kiss.






Lifestyle inspired theme

This is one trend that goes beyond just color choices, to encompass a whole lifestyle. The colors and hues reflect lifestyle choices such as healthy living and eating, and responsible habits such as recycling. Faded denim, oil yellow, Argyle Purple, winter twig and Zephyr pink are favorites in this category.

Image from pinterest.com
Image from pinterest.com
Graphic theme

Black & white with shades of gray, and vibrant color accents such as pink, orange, yellow, and green, are bound to create a great impression in a room. Not only is the combination graphic, but it also has a pop element to it, making a great choice if you want to add some fun to a room.







Image from pinterest.com
Image from pinterest.com
Sophisticated/Neutral tones

We cannot forget the neutral tones. Pantone calls this theme ‘At ease’ and it’s a combination of warm and cool neutral colors. For example, warm sand color combined with a cool aqua blue hue, with silvery accents on your upholstery. These and other warm and cool combinations are ideal for people with sophisticated tastes in color.