A well-decorated space is an expression of you.

Handcrafted, custom luxury furnishings & decor.

Custom Beds

Custom Beds
Old-world craftsmanship married to your unique sense of style. Our artisanal frames fit any size mattress and are fashioned from the highest quality materials, making them heirloom pieces you can enjoy over a lifetime.


Re-upholstery Luxuriant textiles meticulously selected for custom-tailored reupholstering. Choose from an endless array of rare and unique fabrics, ensuring that your reupholstered furniture will not just look the way you want it to, but envelop you in the dreamy feeling of true luxury.

Headboards & Wall Panels

Headboards & Wall Panels Magnificent headboards, and wall panels. Gild your space with headboards and wall panels in rich wood, luxurious fabrics, or imprinted sheet metals. Whether as a statement piece or as a means to subtly harmonize a room, each creation is a premium work of art.

Window Treatments

Window Treatments Sumptuous curtains, drapes, blinds, valances, or sheers. Instantly refine and define rooms with gorgeous window treatments that pull together every element you desire to showcase, with exquisite colors, wonderful textures, and sensational accent details.

Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture Exclusive, locally made couches, tables, sofas, armchairs. Design one-of-a-kind chairs, loveseats, and couches that complete your spaces and invite intimate connection.